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Thanks for visiting this page. It means you care about partnering with Hillel to insure our vibrant Jewish future - and that you are interested in finding ways you can make a meaningful impact on the lives of hundreds of Jewish students. Here are some ways you can get involved:

Secure Top Flight Speakers - Do you know someone famous or interesting? A call from you asking them to speak or perform at University of Georgia is a great way to help us provide compelling programs that will attract large numbers of students.

Provide Your Expertise - You are probably a successful businessperson, professional, scientist or artist. We'd love to try and find a time for you to join us for an evening or a Shabbat and share your experiences and expertise with our students or staff.

Invest in Jewish Life - Yes, cash means everything. It allows us to provide over 150 programs each year and gives us the ability to offer the hottest programs on campus. This is incredibly important because the competition for students' attention is fierce. So consider:

* Joining our premiere Leadership Group -- the UGA Hillel Bulldog Circle. Click here to make a $500 multi-year parent or alumni commitment that secures our funding and allows us to plan far ahead.
* Joining the UGA Hillel Parents Circle - An exceptional group of parents who recognize the crucial need to build vibrant Jewish life on campus and give at least $180 per year to UGA Hillel. Benefits of the Council include: regular updates on the progress of UGA Hillel, direct contact with UGA Hillel staff and Parent Council activities during orientation and family weekends.
* Funding a Program - UGA Hillel provides a broad range of programs that require funding to maintain - and enhance - them. This is a wonderful way to see your investment at work. You may either choose from one of the program areas below OR speak with the Hillel Director and work together to create a program that is near and dear to your heart.

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