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Shabbat Dinners and Services

-Services are offered EVERY Friday night and Saturday morning at Hillel! Friday night services start at different times of the year. Check the calendar for the times.

-Shabbat Dinners are offered for FREE every week. Look at the calendar and facebook page for the most current dates and meals.

Did you can host "Shabbat To-Go"?

Click here for the details.

In an effort to make Shabbat more accessible to students, Hillel is offering a "Shabbat To-Go" program for any UGA student. This subsidized cost can be applied to any meal or celebration of Shabbat as long as it involves Jewish students at UGA. Please submit this form by 12pm on the Wednesday preceding the Shabbat you are hosting. Forms submitted after that time will be deferred until the following week. Contact Erin Kahal at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with questions.


High Holiday Services

Rosh Hashannah and Yom kippur services are offered every year at Hillel at no cost to students.

Other Jewish Holidays


1st and 2nd Night Seder:

Hillel will be hosting a 1st-Night Seder. No cost for students, lots of friends, and of course...lots of food. See you there!

Passover Meal Plan:
We normally provides a Kosher for Passover Meal Plan, lunches and dinners, each year! You will be able to pay online spring semester. Keep checking back to get the latest information.

Sukkot Festival
-The Hillel Sukkah! Come help us build our annual Sukkah on the front lawn of Hillel! It sure is a sight to see, as we provide one of the only Sukkah' s in Athens!

Yom HaShoah
Hillel and the Jewish Greek houses (AEPi, TEP, and SDT) host an annual Holocaust Commemoration Ceremony. As a group, we remember some of the many millions of children and families who perished during the Holocaust, as we light candles and say a special prayer in their memories. This is one of the most meaningful events Hillel does during the academic year.

Come join us and make some Hamantaschen and NOISE during our purim program! We will read part of the Megilla and have a great time!